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This full color HGYGT 2022 30 Day Journal: Self-Care Edition is a tool that will equip you with the tools and habits to work on the woman in the mirror. Put yourself first with this awesome expression of Self-Love. Take some intentional steps forward today with Self-Care. Self-Care is the new Health Care. Invest in you, the greatest investment you can make.

Sis, what does Self-Care mean to you? For me, Self-Care - This act of love is one that is rewarding every time you take steps and put them into action. Self-Care is an action word that says, I. Love. Me. You show this act of love each and every day. Just as you would in building a relationship with your boo, children, family members, co-workers, and even God. You grow into it through one act built on another each and every day.


• Releases Stress

• Builds Energy

• Emotionally & Spiritually Gain Fulfillment in Life

• Allows for a R.E.S.E.T. - Reset Every System, Every Thought

• Gain Mental Clarity with the Right Activities, Purpose and Vision Defined

• More Likely to Set Boundaries

• So Much More!

Take time to discipline yourself and be intentional about completing the daily tasks on the following pages. It's worth the sacrifice and effort. You deserve it. Falling in love starts with you! Are you struggling to make time for yourself? No worries. Start now with this 2022 30 Day Journal: Self-Care Journal.

HGYGT 30 Day Journal: Self-Care Edition

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