Teal I Bloom: You've Been Planted (Silent Auction)


The Teal I Bloom: You've Been Planted Silent Auction has BEGUN! The auction will run from 12 am November 15th - 11:45 pm November 30th (Eastern). See the music video below to preview the available items & services you can bid on NOW!

Visit www.32auctions.com/TealIBloom2020 to place your bid!

If you do not see an item or service that interests you, there is a DONATE link on our auction page. See the picture below to see what the DONATE link looks like:

đź’™ Funds raised will be used to further Serenity, Courage & Wisdom's mission to do its part in helping the journey for survivors all around the world to be a better experience. We strive to build productive relationships with members in the communities we serve while positively impacting all of its initiatives. đź’™


Bringing the H.E.A.T.

Hope. Empowerment. Affirmation. Transformation.


Information, advocacy, and awareness about HPV and cervical cancer.

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